Permacultura Penyaflor

It is a center for experimentation and training in permaculture, in a farm of 5.5 hectares of olive trees (Sevillenca, Morruda and Aldover aracada varieties), carob trees, fig trees and almond trees, abandoned for about 30 years, along a deep wild torrent with ephemeral river, in the municipality of Aldover, near Tortosa (southern Catalonia).

It seeks food, social, environmental and economic resilience, producing the maximum of our consumption and sharing our learning, spaces and surpluses. We try to respect all beings and the earth, share time and resources, live in simplicity and learn to use fewer resources.

We already propose (see Agenda)

  •     activities, trainings, courses and events around permaculture,
  •     farm products (oil, almonds, olives, dried herbs, …)
  •     and in the future, we want to offer a tourist accommodation option with a low ecological footprint.